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I’m so happy to share a list of my favorite products for birth professionals, expectant and new parents, and for the sexy mama you are!

I do receive a small referral fee when you purchase these products (at no extra cost to you) – but I only share because I personally know the creators or I am familiar with and believe in the products!

For Professionals

B-School Birth Your Dreams
Join Debra and leading Birth-preneurs (birth entrepreneurs) as we work together to birth our dreams, share our passion and make a difference in birth and life as we take B-School together! Sign up for more information released February of each year.

Most business owners want one thing: more customers.
It starts with narrowing your focus on just the right people for your products, and giving them a personalized experience. Yes, even in the digital world, relationships close deals.

đź‘Ź That’s where Ontraport comes in. Ontraport is essentially the engine that powers all the interactions between you and your customers online — in ways that wouldn’t be possible manually.

Transform Coaching Academy 
Are you ready to have a bigger impact in the world by becoming a certified coach? Discover how to live an Abundant Life Empowering Others with Dr. Eve Agee Founder of the Transform Coaching Academy

Evidence Based Birth

Resource that educates expecting parents & birth-care practitioners globally, to understand the latest, proven, evidence based care practices.

Gentle Natural Birth Professionals

The resources at Gentle Natural Birth for Professionals will give you not only information that will be invaluable for decision-making but you will also gain reassurance about the power and pleasure of the natural processes of labor and birth,  with all of the scientific evidence to back this up.

Newborn Mothers Collective

Newborn Mothers Collective is the only course and online community that is designed to change the postpartum paradigm not just for you but for our whole society. Get an education that will empower you as a postpartum professional and show you how to launch a fulfilling new career.

For Parents

Spinning Babies
Spinning Babies is an approach to optimize the physical relationship between the bodies of the mother and baby for the easing of childbirth. Spinning Babies is a new paradigm that takes clues from baby’s position and station for natural, physiological solutions. Try it in any birth setting, childbirth program, or pain management plan.
Nourishing Newborn Mothers Cookbook

Food is more than fuel for our bodies – it nourishes us on an emotional and spiritual level. These Ayurvedic recipes are designed to be cooked for you, not by you.

These are foods that will heal your mind, body and soul after childbirth.

Supporting Her

Childbirth class for the other half You’ll learn how to define your role in labor, communicate with hospital staff, provide physical and verbal support and deal with any curve balls. You’ll also learn what to say and what never to say to a woman in labor.

Hem It In Core Binder

100% Cotton Medical Grade Belly Band, Belt for Pregnancy/C Section Support and Postpartum After Care. Easy, Comfortable & Discreet. Hem-It-In Core Binder adjusts up to 10”. The cotton, elastic Hem-It-In Core Binder is smaller and has a tighter compression than the Belly Band w/ Extra Strap. Perfect to wear underneath your clothes.


ZENBands are boho-styled wellness headbands, eye-masks and removable soft pillow speakers all in one. Unlike regular headphones, the ZENBand has cushion-like speakers that put no pressure on your head or ears. They are superb for sleeping or resting on your side. The speakers also do not go inside your ears, thereby reducing the risk of bacteria being transmitted to your ears. The ZENBand was designed by Erin Stair, MD, MPH. 

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See What Science Says About Women’s Pleasure

Explore new ways to increase pleasure based on new research. For women, men and couples to make a great thing even better. You’ll explore the latest science about what feels good and why – through fun, honest videos. Get more understanding, more pleasure, and tools for even happier relationships. Learn more

Multiorgasmic Bliss Jade Egg Coaching Program
Get your desire back and have the most amazing sex of your life! This is the most comprehensive and affective coaching program out there for reclaiming your mojo and learning how to orgasm in whatever way you desire.
Elvie Trainer

Elvie trainer is an award-winning Kegel trainer loved by women, celebrities, and health professionals worldwide.  Strengthen and tone your pelvic floor with the world’s smallest and smartest Kegel trainer!

Learn more at Dame Products

Dame Products was founded by women to close the pleasure gap. We develop well-researched toys for sex that encourage vulnerability, heighten intimacy, and add value to the sexual experiences of humankind.