7 Benefits of Taking Debra’s Doula Workshop

  1. Whether you  take a 3 day workshop or join me on an extotic retreat you can start earning income immediately after and repay your tax deductible investment Right away!
  2. Giving is receiving – Doulas are rich in spirit – learning  about ourselves, as we support others.
  3. You will be celebrating one of lives greatest moments – the birth of a baby
  4. Medicaid Reimbursement is beginning in two states in the U.S.  Doulas are becoming part of the U .S health care system.  I believe doulas will be growing around the world – be part of the foundation of what science says is an  essential ingredient that is underused in modern maternity care.
  5. Becoming a doula is an entry way into midwifery and medicine.  Find out if a career in childbirth is for you.  Many midwifery programs require training as a doula to apply to midwifery.
  6. You will create new friendships and be a part of a circle of women – many of Debra’s workshop groups stay connected and support each for years to come.
  7. Doula’s say Debra’s workshop’s are life changing, inspiring and fun!