10 Doula skills you will Learn at Debra’s DONA Doula Workshop

  1. Discover the role and her-story of doulas.
  2. Deepen your passion for providing a doula’s nurturing care and touch to MotherBabies and families in childbirth.
  3. Explore current practices vs science supported care.
  4. Learn 10 tips to support a mother hormonal physiology – making birth safer and easier.
  5. Develop a tool kit of comfort measures.
  6. Learn birth traditions: dance, songs and learn how to use a rebozo .
  7. Learn how to protect a woman’s memory of her birth in any situation and any setting
  8. Discuss the emotional, spiritual, and sexual aspects of childbirth and how to help release fears and open to birth on every level
  9. Discuss how to support fathers and other partners
  10. Practice doula skills